【MV full】 RIVER / AKB48 [公式]

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【MV full】 RIVER / AKB48 [公式]
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AKB48 14thシングル「RIVER」
作詞:秋元康 作曲・編曲:井上ヨシマサ



2009.10.21 ON SALE

【MV】RIVER/ AKB48 [Official]
AKB48 14th Single, “RIVER”
Lyrics: Yasushi Akimoto / Composer and Arranger: Yoshimasa Inoue

“There at the opposite bank waits a dream.”
Ranked 1st place on the Oricon Weekly Ranking for the first time ever!!
This dynamic song, displaying a new side of AKB48, roots for those who powerfully continue to challenge themselves.

2009.10.21 ON SALE

こころの歌人たち 氷川きよし AKB48他2名まで